180 Men Arrested in Kunduz in Past 3 Months

Security officials in Kunduz province said that during the past three months they have arrested 180 men on different criminal charges in the city and various districts of the province.

According to the Kunduz Police Command, these men have been arrested due to various crimes such as armed robbery, drug trafficking, and murder.

“In the past three months, we have arrested 180 people for various crimes, including moral corruption, kidnapping, and illegally armed persons. In addition, we have also received a large amount of drugs from them,” said Qari Bakhtiar Maaz, director of the Kunduz police command.

The counter-narcotics department of Kunduz said that nearly two tons of drugs and some weapons were obtained from these men.

“During these past three months, we have obtained around two tons of various types of drugs from the arrested people,” Samiulhaq Nafiz, director of the counter-narcotics department of Kunduz, told TOLOnews.

The citizens of Kunduz are asking that the responsible institutions hand over the detained men to the authorities for punishment.

“We are happy that the government arrested these people. We ask the security officials to arrest the people who are causing the problems so that our people can live peacefully,” said Khair Mohammad Hakimi, a resident of Kunduz.

“Those who have been arrested by the security forces must be punished for their actions so that other criminals do not repeat such actions,” said Aslamyar Durani, a resident of Kunduz.

Security officials of Kunduz asked residents of the province to cooperate with the security forces to secure their districts and villages.