An explosion inside a mosque in Kabul

An explosion occurred inside a mosque in the north of Kabul this Wednesday evening.

Khaled Zadran, the spokesman of the Taliban government’s police in Kabul, confirmed the explosion in a message sent to Radio Azadi.
He wrote: “An explosion occurred during the evening prayer inside a mosque in the 17th security area, which unfortunately resulted in casualties.”

Mr. Zadran did not give details about the number of casualties and the nature of the explosion. He said that Taliban security forces have reached the area and the investigation is ongoing.

Al-Arabiya news agency has reported that twenty people were killed and forty others were injured in this explosion. But this statistic has not yet been confirmed by independent sources.

According to local media reports, the explosion took place inside the Abu Bakr Sadiq mosque in the Sarkotel area of ​​Khairkhane.

This explosion occurs while two days ago an explosion occurred on Darul Aman road in Kabul, in which two people were reportedly injured.

Recently, the city of Kabul has seen an increase in explosive attacks that have also resulted in casualties.

The increase in these attacks has worried the residents of Kabul.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for today’s evening bombing.

However, the Khorasan branch of the Islamic State group known as ISIS accepted the responsibility for the explosions that occurred during the Muharram decade.