Hanafi: Some Members Not Implementing Leader’s Orders

Acting Minister of Vice and Virtue Khalid Hanafi accused some members of the Islamic Emirate of disobeying their leader’s orders.

Hanafi on a trip to Paktia province said that some members of the Islamic Emirate have not fully implemented orders issued by the leader of the Islamic Emirate.

“It has been three years since the leader of the Islamic Emirate ordered Mujahiden (forces) to cut their hair according to Sharia,” he said.

The acting minister also stated that the Islamic Emirate’s military would not be admitted to government institutions if their appearance was sloppy.

“The Interior ministry will not biometric (add into the system) those whose hair is not according to Sharia,” Hanafi stated.

Military experts considered the discipline of the defense and security forces to be important.

“Having the proper uniform and regular appearance is effective for them within the system, and it is also important for the society to recognize military personnel,” said Assadullah Nadim, a military expert, to TOLOnews.

Earlier, the leader of the Islamic Emirate in a decree ordered forces to fully respect the general amnesty and put it into practice.