Hosseini, Leader of Development Party, Arrested in Kabul by Taliban

Sources close to Seyed Javad Hosseini, the leader of the Justice and Development Party, say that he is arrested by the Taliban intelligence members in Kabul.

According to sources, Hosseini was arrested near his residence in Kabul on Wednesday evening and was taken to an unknown place.

The Taliban group has not provided details on the motive behind his detention. However, it is said that the Taliban had previously warned him to refrain from commenting in opposition to this group.

Hosseini is one of the active political figures in Afghanistan who usually pass comments and criticizes the Taliban on social networks and mass media.

This is not a new case the Taliban imprisons anyone who criticizes the group’s methods of governance and ruling strategy. There are several cases the Taliban have imprisoned and tortured a number of political activists, university professors and journalists for criticizing this group.