National Resistance Front: 58 Taliban were killed and 40 were captured

The National Resistance Front, which has taken up arms against the current Taliban government and its soldiers are fighting with the Taliban in a number of provinces, claims to have killed 58 armed Taliban, wounded 12 others and captured 40 others in different areas of Panjshir. 

This front wrote in a newsletter that it published on Monday that this number of Taliban were arrested during a series of operations in the Arzeh Valley and Annaba District.

However, the Ministry of Interior of the Taliban government rejected this claim and called it a lie.

In a message sent to Radio Azadi today, the spokesman of the ministry, Abdul Nafi Takour, wrote, “They want to prove themselves to their bosses with this kind of propaganda.”

But the National Resistance Front has also published a video of the captured Taliban military, in which it can be seen that the captured Taliban are laying down their weapons and the National Resistance Front soldiers are standing in front of them.

Previously, the Taliban had called the military campaign of the National Resistance Front against them imaginary, but after that, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson of the Taliban government, accepted that a number of young people had been killed in the war with the soldiers of this front.

On June 11th, the National Resistance Front claimed that they shot down a Taliban helicopter and captured 4 Taliban pilots and commanders, but the Taliban initially denied this claim, but then when the National Resistance Front released a video of released this helicopter, the Taliban said that this plane made an emergency landing due to technical problems.

The war between the Taliban and the National Resistance Front intensified after the meeting of the representatives of both sides in Iran did not reach a conclusion.

Three days ago, the National Resistance Front announced its basic lines and said: “Regardless of political, social, ethnic and ideological differences, bringing together all the opponents of the Taliban is a claim.”

But yesterday, Mohammad Yaqub Mujahid, the Acting Minister of Defense of the Taliban, announced in a meeting held on the occasion of the one year anniversary of the recapture of Kabul, that he will suppress any group that rises up against them inside the country: “Anyone who is in the name of a rebel and Or a few people wearing black clothes will be punished. They cannot destroy the security of the country and take this happiness that has come.”

The National Resistance Front, Tehreek Azadi Afghanistan and ISIS are among the groups that have actually started a military campaign in Afghanistan against the current government of the Taliban.

In the political sector, the National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan and the Republicans of Afghanistan are among the two currents that have recently started their activities.