Russia Seeks to Expand Relations with Afghanistan: Lavrov

Russia is seeking to expand relations in politics and economics with Afghanistan, said Anton Lavrov, Russian deputy ambassador for Afghanistan, on Wednesday.

A shipment of more than 23 tons of Russian aid for the families affected by earthquakes and flooding arrived in Kabul on Wednesday.

At the Kabul airport, Lavrov told reporters that the aid arrived in Kabul to assist those affected by earthquakes and flooding (those injured or needing shelter). He said, “We hope Russia-Afghan cooperation of humanitarian assistance can continue.” He also said that Russia wants friendly relations with Afghanistan and will seek to further improve relations in political and economic areas.

In the meantime, officials at the Ministry for Disaster Management pledged to distribute aid to needy families.

“This is not for affected people in just one or two provinces, we have specific plans for affected people, and the distribution of humanitarian aid is continuing, we reached some provinces and will assist other provinces as well,” said Ghulam Ghaws Naseri, finance deputy of of the Ministry for Disaster Management.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense provided sixteen tons of humanitarian aid for the affected families of the recent earthquake in Paktika and Khost provinces.