South Asian media solidarity network called for more global support for Afghan media

The South Asian Media Solidarity Network (SAMSN) called on the international community to increase its support for Afghan journalists and media on Monday, at the same time as the one-year anniversary of the Taliban government.

This network says that the attacks on Afghan journalists and their harassment, censorship, and severe restrictions continue in Afghanistan.

This regional association of journalists seriously requests the Taliban to respect the freedom of the press and guarantee the safety and security of all journalists.

The World Federation of Journalists, which published the statement of the South Asian Media Solidarity Network, says that after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban on 24 Asad last year, the Afghan media faced the darkest year in its history, media rights violations suddenly increased, and restrictions were placed on them. Their status and incomes have decreased, as a result of which journalists and media workers are suffering from severe economic problems.

This federation says that two days after the capture of Kabul last summer, the Taliban announced their support for media freedom and women’s rights in their first press conference, but in practice, during the past year, attacks, harassment, threats, murders, imposing restrictions and blocking They have intensified the creation of media.

During the past year, many journalists have been arrested and beaten in Kabul and some provinces.

According to the report of UNAMA, the office of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan from August 15, 2021 to June 15, 2022, media rights violations have been documented in 173 cases.

Among journalists, they were detained in 122 cases, faced with wrong methods in 85 cases, and threatened in 33 cases.

A recent survey by the World Federation of Journalists shows that 86 percent of media rights violations were committed by the Taliban.

The results of this survey show that the economic crisis has also severely damaged the Afghan media.