The Taliban continues to infringe on people’s privacy.

The Taliban’s violation of a lot of citizens’ privacy is not unprecedented. Since the restoration of the Taliban administration in Afghanistan till now, at least a year has passed, and many reports have been published concerning the Taliban violating the privacy of a number of Afghan residents.

In the most recent case, a number of residents of Panjshir province, by providing covert images on September 17, reveal the Taliban’s method of examining the phones of Panjshir residents. Locals report that the Taliban took this stance after intensifying recent clashes against this group in Panjshir. According to them, Taliban fighters have arrested several Panjshir civilians on suspicion of collaborating with resistance front forces, and some of these people were detained after their phones were searched.

“Taliban forces in Panjshir check the contents of mobile phones of Panjshir residents at all their checkpoints. I am an ordinary resident of Panjshir, and by sending you these photos, I hope to alleviate this concern. We want to convey to the whole world and the leadership of the Taliban that we are not connected with any faction, until now tens of young people have been sent to prison on the charge of complicity with the resistance front and this happened after they have reviewed their phones.” One of the residents of Panjshir, who does not want to be named, told Baang

Meanwhile, a number of Kabul residents have talked about similar experiences. Some residents of the 11th district of Kabul have said that the Taliban are now checking a number of young people at checkpoints during the day and asking them about their place of birth and their province.

According to a number of Kabul residents, the phones of Panjshiri youths are seen more carefully in some cases. The Taliban have denied these claims before.