Two Taliban intelligence officers were killed in a roadside bomb explosion

Taliban sources have confirmed that two intelligence officers of this group were killed as a result of a roadside mine explosion in Kunar province. Local sources in Kunar have said that the car of these two Taliban intelligence officials hit a roadside mine while on patrol.

At the same time, some local sources who did not want to be named have confirmed that in addition to these two Taliban intelligence officials, two of their guards were killed in this incident in Karbori village of Suki district of Kunar province.

The source also said that the explosion took place on Friday night, September 16, and as a result, Hedayatullah Haqyar, the director of Taliban intelligence for Suki district, and Israel, his deputy, and their two guards were killed.

The source adds that this mine was planted by ISIS fighters in the area and exploded when the director and deputy intelligence officer of Suki district went on patrol. The source also adds that after this incident, Taliban fighters closed the area and the road was closed to traffic for hours.

This is while after the re-establishment of Taliban rule over Afghanistan, the ISIS group has expanded its activities and in addition to guerrilla attacks on Taliban individuals, it has also managed to organize several complex suicide attacks in the past year.

Although the Taliban have repeatedly said that ISIS is not a big threat to them, with the attacks of ISIS on Shia places of worship in various parts of Afghanistan in the past few months, as well as their guerilla attacks on Taliban people, this claim of the Taliban group has been challenged.

The spread of ISIS activities in Afghanistan is one of the important concerns of the international community. American officials have repeatedly said that ISIS is becoming a bigger threat in Afghanistan.